Peer accountability learning group

Hello! This webpage hosts documents for a peer accountability learning group, a space for men to talk about harm, masculinity, accountability and transformative justice.

The documents hosted here are:

Sign up

The group is currently open for sign up for its first run of sessions, which will take place online, every 2 weeks, during the evening (UK time). The group is split into two subgroups, with one meeting on a Tuesday (starting 8 September) and one meeting on a Monday (starting 14 September). There is very limited space left to sign up for them. To sign up, or if you have any questions, email

Curriculum and agreement feedback

This curriculum is not a fixed, static document but rather a working curriculum that will be updated on an ongoing basis where necessary or useful. As such, it is open to criticism, additions, suggestions and reworking. Please get in touch if you have any feedback:

Reference group members needed

To help us remain accountable and keep our discussions useful, after each session the facilitator(s) will write up a brief, anonymised summary of the discussion that took place. This will record topics discussed, the directions the conversation took, problems or challenges that arose, and any other relevant issues. This summary will not name anyone or contain identifying information. It will be sent to a small reference group so they can read it and offer any feedback or suggestions if they feel appropriate. The reference group will not have access to the participant list. The reference group is open to people of all genders, but not to participants in the group itself. If you would like to offer a small amount of your time to this reference group, please email

Re-using this material

You are welcome to re-use/re-work/copy from this document for starting your own group, accountability work or anything else you find it useful for. You don’t need to credit anyone when doing this, but you could link back to this webpage or include the email address if you like.

If you want to, you are welcome to email to say what you are up to with it or just to share ideas and learning about tackling harm, men’s work, accountability work and transformative justice: